'Kill The Sofa. It Is Eating You Alive'




International selling British artist, Kill The Sofa, is essentially not a street artist in the purist sense of the term (no clandestine wall stencils included here), but instead takes influence more from the fine art movements of painting and drawing.


With uninhibited lines, energetic use of the colour palette, and at times other worldly composition of subject, there is inherently something very profound about his work. Currently working in a variety of different mediums, a large portion to date have been small works using mixed media. Predominantly self taught, his style is an eclectic mix, crossing the sometimes restrictive boundaries of genre, and flirting with the use of language.


His work is often a commentary on society, life, death, origins, control, and the purpose of being. The illusion of life around us, and the exploitation of the soul.


Artist. Creative. Master of the Universe.