Welcome to The House of Kill The Sofa. International selling British artist. I have previously sold to collectors in countries such as Italy, Holland, Denmark, Austria, UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, UAE, Belgium, USA and Canada.


You can view my most recent work on my Instagram, and previous work can also be seen in the gallery. Available work can be purchased from Saatchi Art, and Catawiki.


Check the weekly auctions of my work available on

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2019 Kill The Sofa

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My Debut short film 'The Mirror Room' is now available to view online in HD, and can be found here on the website, or at


Produced, written, and directed by Kill The Sofa, the film is a reflection of a Man (and Humankind). Based on both personal experiences, and a deeper journey through the collective mind of the world around us.  An abstract visual adventure.  An allegory; accompanied by the deep, slow, unsteady thud of a tribal kick drum, the heartbeat; and an unsettling guitar score, to embellish and heighten the narrative ..."I would advise listening on headphones while watching, as the heartbeat kickdrum is an integral part of the viewing experience.''